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Sunless Sea and BioWare writer Alexis Kennedy unveils digital tabletop game Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator

Alexis Kennedy, creative director on Sunless Sea and ronin writer for BioWare’s secret game (definitely not Dragon Age-related), has announced an upcoming single-player digital board game called Cultist Simulator.

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In Cultist Simulator players “craft tools”, “summon spirits” and “indoctrinate innocents”, choosing between “sane” and “insane” victory conditions. It sounds like Tory Britain, basically.

“Cultist Simulator combines my usual pungent prose with crunchy crafting mechanics, and with parallel victory conditions,” Kennedy explains in a blog post. “It’s possible, though very difficult, to find success in career or romance. You can always turn back from the brink and try to make a life. But why would you do that?”

Kennedy says he spent his first month after leaving Failbetter Games making a java prototype for the game, testing out mechanics and penning the lore. After loads of herring in Iceland and rigorous playtesting and feedback, Kennedy is ready to carry on, witha tentative Halloween 2017 release date set.

Recently Kennedy announced he was working with BioWare on a *cough* Dragon Age *cough* secret project.

Failbetter, meanwhile, continue to forge ahead, with Sunless Sea-quel, Sunless Skies, recently revealed.