Cuphead has now topped four million sales

The indie hit's sales continue to runneth over


July 9, 2017 Cuphead is still going from strength to strength.

Cuphead shot to success when it released in 2017, reaching one million sales within weeks of its initial launch. A few months after that, it doubled that total, hitting two million at the end of the year. From there, however, it’s continued to sell at a decent pace.

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter announced the existence of an animated Cuphead TV series heading to Netflix. But as well as lifting the lid on The Cuphead Show!, the report confirmed that Cuphead has now sold more than four million copies.

Obviously that means that the pace has slowed a little, but I’d say it’s still an impressive effort, especially when you consider that Cuphead passed the three million milestone in August. That means that in less than a year,  a nearly two-year-old indie game (and a notoriously difficult one at that) has increased its already impressive sales by another 33%.

These are multi-platform sales figures, and as such are likely to have been boosted by the game’s Nintendo Switch release in April. That said, they’re still very impressive numbers.

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They’re also unlikely to stop there. New DLC is due out next year, and the new TV series is also likely to bring some new attention to the game, meaning developer StudioMDHR could be in for a lucrative few years yet.