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Two cups, one devil: Cuphead gets a bouncy E3 trailer

Cuphead E3 trailer

Studio MDHR’s run and gun platformer, Cuphead, was pushed back to 2015 a wee while ago – which is rather unfortunate – but you can maybe find comfort in the E3 trailer.

Eerie, anthropomorphic cup solace. 

I don’t often find myself taking notice of run and fun platformers. I’m usually quite bad at them, and I confess no love for the likes of Contra. But after having my heart stolen by Broforce, I’m a bit more open to them.

Regardless of how I feel about the genre, Cuphead looks fascinating. I’ve watched the E3 trailer four five times and I just want the game beamed directly into my brain at the earliest possible opportunity. I can’t help but believe that MDHR somehow resurrected Fleischer and he decided that cartoons were passe and the future was video games.

There’s more, if you want to do your eyes a solid.

So that’s what happened to Bluto.