CyberPowerPC hopes to breathe new life into PC case design with its Kinetic series

Featuring 18 dynamic vents, this gaming PC from CyberPowerPC wouldn't look out of place in the office of Deus Ex protagonist Adam Jensen.

CyberPowerPC Kinetic gaming PC

CES is often dominated by conventional bigwigs announcements from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, but it’s also when manufacturers produce weirdly wonderful whatchamacallits too. Take CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic series gaming PCs, which are designed with a philosophy that in the company’s words isn’t about maximum airflow but “intelligent airflow” instead.

If nothing else, the CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic case is both stunning to look at and features a Deus Ex aesthetic. Each of the case’s 18 dynamic vents open and close based on the PC’s ambient temperature, and can subtly adjust their positioning to suit.

Inspired by kinetic architecture designs like those seen in the Al Bahr Towers and modern satellites, CyberPowerPC creative director Nam Hoang says the company didn’t want to “simply add more airflow, and wanted a case that dynamically provides the appropriate airflow for the situation in real time”.

It’s currently unclear what kind of thermal performance gains, if any, that this kind of design can offer. We’re also concerned by the apparent lack of a dust filter, as well as how many points of failure are introduced by the mass amount of moving parts in the Kinetic series case. When asked for comment, CyberPowerPC says “there’s no data to share publicly at the moment as the case is still being developed. Additional information will be released in due, ample tweaks and so forth to come!”

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CyberPowerPC hasn’t said how much this case will cost or when it will actually arrive to market, past a general “coming soon”. Nevertheless, we’d like to give props to the company for at least trying something different, with case design becoming somewhat homogeneously minimalist over the past decade or so.