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Cyberpunk 2077 and BioShock devs show off brand new PvE FPS game

Industry veterans from Cyberpunk 2077, BioShock, and Borderlands have formed Antistatic Studios and shown off a brand new PvE FPS game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Bioshock devs new FPS game: special forces soldiers in the woods walking towards a shed with red light coming from it

A brand new studio from industry veterans behind Cyberpunk 2077, BioShock, Borderlands, and Squad has announced its debut game, a PvE co-op tactical shooter set in a post-nuclear open world. Coming from the newly formed Antistatic Studios, the first footage of the game, codenamed Hornet, has also been released, and it looks phenomenal.

Hornet comes from some of the minds behind Cyberpunk 2077 and BioShock, and it looks like an FPS game with a similar focus on worldbuilding and atmosphere. Players will work for the mysterious Mortfield Industries, where they’ll be tasked with venturing into a post-nuclear European country to contain any paranormal activity.

The procedurally assisted open world of Hornet will house events, secrets, and different encounters. Closed tests are also being planned, and Antistatic aims to enter full-scale production later this year.

You can check out the first footage of Hornet below.

YouTube Thumbnail

In a press release designed like an ultra-secret black ops document (very cool, by the way), Antistatic Studios states that it’s “committed to crafting worlds that are constantly evolving and respond to player actions, and to the immersive sim genre, where possibilities extend beyond the conventions of traditional videogames.”

The developers also teased that they’ve teamed up with writers from “the biggest paranormal universes” to work on Hornet’s lore.

You can learn more about Antistatic, the universe of Hornet, and the planned closed tests over on the developer’s website.

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