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Cyberpunk 2077 “will be 100% DRM free on PC” and you can create your character

Cyberpunk 2077

At first glance it may appear that CD Projekt Red didn’t have much to say about Cyberpunk 2077 in its E3 trailer. Some stunning in-engine footage gave us a rich sense of how Night City will look and feel, but we didn’t actually learn all that much about release date, monetisation, and all those crunchy details.

Except we did. The glitchy hacker text at the start of the trailer contained a message direct from the developer to all of us, in which they discussed DLC, expansions, microtransactions, release date, and world size. Here’s the lowdown.

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The letter begins with an apology for taking so long to show anything new of Cyberpunk 2077 which, as CDPR acknowledge, was first announced “over 2077 days” ago.

They go on to say “you’ll be able to create your own character.” According to the recently updated website, the protagonist is simply named ‘V’, which leaves plenty of room for further customisation. The new trailer has a male voiceover, but perhaps we’ll be able to select V’s gender, and customise their appearance or character class?

There’s a Q&A at the bottom of the letter with further news. In response to one question asking simply: “microtransactions?” CDPR’s response is “in a single-player role-playing game? Are you nuts?” which is obviously immensely reassuring. Sadly there’s no word on a firm release date – CDPR say “when we told you we would only release the game when it’s ready, we meant it… patience is still required.”

Imagining a question about world size, they say “seriously big… but to be honest, we have no bloody clue.” On DLC and added content, they say “expect nothing less than you got with The Witcher 3,” which presumably means some free stuff and some very large paid stuff. “As for DRM, CP2077 will be 100% DRM free on PC.”

The letter was split in two halves and concealed in the trailer. It was spotted and reassembled by Eurogamer, so kudos to them – here’s their tweet:

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