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Cyberpunk 2077's next trailer will show you "how much death" is in the game

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New details of Cyberpunk 2077 have surfaced courtesy of a somewhat bizarre source - Vodafone. As part of a joint campaign with Spanish newspaper El Pais on the future of technology, the European telecoms giant spoke with Mike Pondsmith, the author of the pen-and-paper RPG on which Cyberpunk 2077 is based.

Here's everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 so far. 

The news comes to us via Spanish YouTuber and Cyberpunk fan Madqueen, who helpfully provides English captions on the interview. You can watch her video above, or alternatively, can get auto-translated English subs on the original Spanish version here. Either way her channel has a ton of great Cyberpunk content, so do consider subscribing.

Pondsmith gives a brief overview of the game's hook - the people of the street use technology to resist the oppression of the Establishment - and teases its next trailer, which is rumoured to drop at E3 this year alongside a playable demo to be shown behind closed doors. Apparently we can expect it to be grisly, with indications of "how much death" there is in Cyberpunk's dystopian setting.

Pondsmith also explains why, despite several offers, it took him until now to give the nod for a videogame adaptation of his classic RPG. He concludes by warning that many of the predictions he made when writing it are coming to pass, and that we have to get sensible to the threats: "fight for your future, if you want to have one," is his ominous sign-off.

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hfm avatarQDP2 avatarIIyasviel avatar
hfm Avatar
5 Months ago

Awesome, also thanks for the sub recommendation on madqueen.

QDP2 Avatar
5 Months ago

Last I heard the E3 demo was going to be behind closed doors for news reporters (under NDAs). Guess we can hope it comes to the open floor, at the least a setup/pre-recorded playthrough of the demo would be nice to see where the game is heading.

IIyasviel Avatar
5 Months ago

I don't think Mike was talking about a new trailer when he talks about how much death there is, I think he was talking about the one that was already released. Not saying that there won't be one this E3, but I think the author of this article may be misinterpreting his words.