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“Don’t buy” that $400 Cyberpunk 2077 E3 jacket on eBay, CDPR says

You can grab a similar version to the one at E3 on CD Projekt Red’s store “soon”


From sold-out gig tickets to last season’s sweater, limited availability collector’s items and merchandise have a habit of turning up on eBay for marked up prices. For the games industry, trade shows like E3 offer attendees ample opportunity to list their trinkets, such as Funko Pops, lanyards, and official games T-shirts. This year the item of the show is a reversible Cyberpunk 2077 bomber jacket.

The jacket itself is bright yellow on one side, and black, with the logo for Johnny Silverhand’s band ‘Samurai’ on the other. It’s also currently going for upwards of $200 on eBay, even as much as $385 in one case. From what we can tell, the jacket looks like it was intended for CD Projekt Red’s staff, VIPs, and media at E3.

The ongoing bidding, however, has prompted CD Projekt Red business developer Rafal Jaki to encourage fans to stop. “Please don’t buy the Cyberpunk 2077 jacket on eBay for $400,” he tweets. “The plan is to have a similar version in our store.”

Jaki couldn’t say exactly how much the similar version will cost, though he did say it will be “less than [$]400”. As to when you can expect to see the jacket on sale, Jaki says it “should not be long”, although there’s no concrete date right now.

CD Projekt Red’s next game is arguably one of the most anticipated games around right now, especially after the Cyberpunk 2077 release date was announced, so it’s no great surprise that merchandise is flying off the shelves right now.

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The jacket’s appeal is no doubt aided by Keanu Reeves’ involvement in the game as Johnny Silverhand himself. Reeves was sporting a Cyberpunk 2077 T-shirt during his surprise appearance at Microsoft’s conference, so that probably didn’t do the brand any harm either.