Create your own Night City gang with this Cyberpunk 2077 mod

Turn any NPC into a choom with a click of a button

One of my favourite parts of Cyberpunk 2077 is the opening section with Jackie Welles. His companionship always made missions feel more engaging, and his bromance with my male V helped me buy into the ‘Street Kids versus the World’ narrative I was playing out in Chapter 1 – a true choom. You do meet many interesting characters after he leaves, but none of them quite feel like a proper companion. If you feel the same, a new companion mod currently in the works might appeal.

The way it works is simple. Once you download it, you can simply walk over to any NPC, and they’ll follow you around with the click of a button. They can fight, too, and you can corral as many of them as you please. It can look a tad unwieldy at times.

Creator Catmino explains on Nexus Mods that they got the mod to work by spawning in the flathead and modifying its follower role to apply to whatever NPC you fancy. It’s worth mentioning straight off the bat, though, that this mod is a work in progress. Catmino explains that the cyberpunk game can become unplayable if you turn a boss into a companion – whoops. Some NPCs will also disappear if you leave the area, and their damage output varies as some don’t come with a weapon.

All these issues are being ironed out, but it’s also worth noting that trying to turn a companion back into an NPC may cause the game to “flatline”, too. As ever, mod at your discretion. If you want to try this mod out for yourself, though, you can find the download instructions over on Nexus Mods (linked above).

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Image credit: Catmino / Nexus Mods