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Dark and Darker Patch 2 gets a wipe, quests, new progression system

Dark and Darker Patch 2 is almost here, as Ironmace's CEO breaks down everything about the future of the game into next year and beyond.

Dark and Darker Patch 2

Dark and Darker Patch 2 is right around the corner, as Ironmace takes part in a colossal Q&A session for its medieval extraction game, detailing its imminent and overarching future. From a Patch 2 wipe to an ice level, Druid class details, PvP, and a whole lot more, the future of Dark and Darker is looking packed.

Dark and Darker content creator ‘Onepeg’ hosted a developer Q&A livestream with Ironmace CEO Terence Seungha Park about the future of the RPG game. This includes the internal release date of Patch 2 and its wipe, the questing system, and a whole host of plans lined up for the future of the game.

Off the bat, Park says Ironmace’s internal date for the patch is Wednesday, November 22, the day before Thanksgiving. The time may very well be in the evening GMT (so mid-afternoon PT and ET, but that’s not locked in).

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Dark and Darker Patch 2 will also see the medieval extraction game get wiped. So, while you’ll lose all your gold and go back to level one, you’ll keep your tokens and character name, but your Triumph levels will reset.

You’ll be glad to hear that the quest system will also be introduced in Dark and Darker Patch 2, with Park sharing a mockup during the stream that you can see below. This won’t be the full version of the quest system, however, as Park explains in quotes transcribed by PCGamesN.

Dark and Darker patch 2 quests

“It’s going to be quest system version 0.1,” Park explains. “Instead of having the full content, we’re just going to test out the functionality of quests. At the same time, it’s going to be a decent amount of quests, around 20 or 30 or so quests.” So don’t expect the full system just yet, but you can get a vibe for what Ironmace is planning.

Park adds that the team has a professional writer using quests to flesh out the lore, but the actual mechanics of the quests won’t be too in-depth yet.

Then there’s the Adventure Point system that’s coming in Patch 2, which will help you earn seasonal Adventure Titles. If you explore High Roller dungeons you’ll earn these points towards a title rank, and the next season you’ll have that rank attached to your profile.

Park does note that the below image is a work-in-progress and that the rewards tied to each level are not final, so take them with a grain of salt. That said, Iromace is thinking of having the final reward be an exclusive skin, but Park notes that it definitely won’t be a demigod, as shown in the image.

Dark and Darker Patch 2 progression

It should also be noted that the MMR system has already been implemented into Dark and Darker, but this is also in the very early stages. “We actually put one of our systems in, and we’re collecting that data,” Park says, adding that you “might have kind of felt that.”

You can see some of the other big changes coming in Patch 2 later this month thanks to a round-up from ‘ZooKeyKneeFN’ on Reddit right here, like an integrated friends list, High Roller results screen, and even a new Cyclops boss for the Goblin Caves.

Park also goes into a lot of what we can expect in the future after Patch 2, like a new ice map, multi-classing, the upcoming Druid, and a whole lot more.

The ice map was originally planned for Patch 2 this month but Park says the team wasn’t ready. “So the thing that’s going to actually make this map, this concept, feel new is that there needs to be at least a minimum amount of new encounters,” Park explains. There’s also going to be some sort of ice dragon on the map too, which is absolutely something to get excited over.

While group size for the map hasn’t been “set in stone yet,” Park and Ironmace are looking at a three-person experience. We might be seeing the experience before the Holidays too, but that would be a “really hard push” for the team, with January 2024 more likely.

We also learn a whole lot more about the upcoming Druid class, and how Ironmace is still looking for solutions for letting you turn into a bear in first-person.

“Okay, how do you be a bear in first person view? Like, how do you do attacks? How does it feel?” Park muses. “So when we started working on this I was like ‘this is this is going to be a lot more challenging than we initially expected.’ Even the experimental version is not looking likely for next week.”

There’s even a PvP arena-type space that’s being discussed at Ironmace, but this isn’t a confirmed feature just yet. I’d recommend watching the whole thing when you’ve got some free time, as there’s a lot more in there to check out.

If you want some help during your dungeon crawling we’ve got your back with a look at all the Dark and Darker classes, or if you’re thinking about trying the game you’ll want to get to grips with the Dark and Darker system requirements first.

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