Is Dark and Darker on Steam?

Currently available in early access, the unforgiving fantasy dungeon-crawling PvPvE experience is finally back in players' hands, but is it on Steam?

A dark and darker character holds the steam logo as a boss stares at it

Is Dark and Darker on Steam? Following a stellar reaction from fans of the team extraction and RPG genre during the initial playtesting of Dark and Darker on Steam, the creators at Ironmace came under legal fire due to copyright issues which left the game on temporary hiatus since April 2023 and pulled from the Steam storefront. Thankfully, as of August 7, the devs were happy to announce that they had found a new means of distribution for their multiplayer hit, immediately launching the game into early access and making it available for purchase.

Ironmace has found a partnership with distributor Chaf Games who are delivering Dark and Darker through online storefronts, while also making the dungeon crawler available to purchase on Ironmace’s own dedicated Dark and Darker website. Due to an explosive volume of interest hitting the DaD website upon news of the game’s availability, Ironmace was forced to issue an apology to players who had suffered immediate double charges while attempting to purchase a broken game that was failing to launch for many, promising refunds to dissatisfied customers. Whether you’ve already decided which of the classes to play, or you’re just preparing by checking your system requirements, you might still be curious about whether DaD is on Steam.

Dark and Darker on Steam: several characters gather in a dark cave

Is Dark and Darker on Steam?

Dark and Darker is currently unavailable for purchase on Steam. There has been no release window shared amongst eager fans who want to play via Valve’s PC distribution platform.

Ironmace has gone on record to say that it wants to “return to Steam as soon as possible”. The ongoing cease and desist case issued by Japanese-South Korean publisher Nexon that warranted Dark and Darker’s original removal from Steam is still under examination, so it could be some time before we hear any news of a return, if at all.

For those looking to get their hands on the hardcore high fantasy experience in its early access state, the game can be purchased directly from the Dark and Darker website or via Chaf Games’ own platform at a base price of 35 USD for early access (and the full game on launch). For steadfast supporters of Ironmace and their currently disputed work, there’s also a Founder’s Edition available for 50 USD, providing exclusive cosmetics.

If you’re still on the fence about diving into the game, check out some more info on Dark and Darker’s full release date. There’s also the new Warlock class which has released with early access, so there’s plenty to get stuck into.