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Part of Dark and Darker goes free to play but still isn’t on Steam

Dark and Darker, the hardcore dungeon crawling RPG is now playable in part for free, but you’ll have to download a brand new launcher.

Part of Dark and Darker goes free to play but still isn’t on Steam: A character in Dark and Darker illuminates a dungeon with a torch.

The saga of Dark and Darker has taken yet another turn. Over a year after being suddenly removed from Steam due to legal issues and following a relaunch on other platforms including the Epic Games Store, the hardcore dungeon crawler is back again. This time, however, it’s taking a slightly different form. 

Announced today as part of the OTK Games Expo event, Dark and Darker is going free to play. Or at least part of the multiplayer RPG is. Players will be able to play through the game’s normal dungeons all for free, though this version of the game isn’t playable on any of the big platforms like Steam or Epic.

If you’re not familiar with Dark and Darker, imagine an extraction shooter similar to Gray Zone Warfare or Escape from Tarkov, then slap it into a series of fantasy dungeons and you’ll be mostly there. Playable solo or in small groups, the challenge is to face down monsters and other players while looting dungeons before trying to make your escape. You choose your class, grab some weapons, and off you go to face death and buckets of glorious, glorious loot.

Normal mode dungeons are the focus of this free to play offering. These offer a reduced challenge as opposed to the harder High Roller dungeons and give lower quality loot as a result. Ranging from fetid goblin caves to a series of ruins in an abandoned fortress, there should be plenty to dive into with friends, or by yourself if you’re brave enough.

If you’re asking if Dark and Darker is on Steam, the answer remains no. In order to play this free version you’ll have to grab the Blacksmith Launcher in order to access the game.

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Dark and Darker’s normal mode dungeons are free to play as of today, head over to the official site to learn more and get into the game.

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