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Dark Souls 2 player beats the game without talking to anyone

Silent killer.

Dark Souls 2 content creator Ymfah takes a moment to praise the sun during his No Talk run

It’s not until you see someone decide to forgo something like talking to people that you realise how much you rely on it. One player decided to beat Dark Souls 2 while staying silent in-game, waiving levelling up, shopping, upgrades, repairs, or Estus Flasks as they went.

Content creator Ymfah’s latest video features some impressive boss fights that offer little leeway for them to get hit, though it’s the goofs I’m keener on. Sometimes starting a boss fight without talking to them requires you to simply run up to them and bop them on the head with a club though other times, Ymfah has to think on their feet. The Dark Souls 2 player took questions about the run over on Reddit, explaining to one person that item breaks were often unplanned, though most of the run went pretty smoothly.

“I was not sure if the Shrine of Winter would open without lighting all four first bonfires since Aldia pops up after the fourth,” they say. “Was half expecting to farm one million souls using Melantia’s ring and the Maughlin set. Thankfully the door opened without a hitch.”

Ymfah also has to rely on a few glitches and exploits to progress through areas or farm specific enemies for drops needed for the run, but I reckon it makes things more interesting. One of the things I enjoy most about watching speedrunners is how they break the game, like pushing a big baddie off the side of a cliff to skip a fight.

Ymfah’s video is also pretty instructional, with the content creator spelling out how they managed to make their way through particular sections of the game. Essentially, expect long farms to get bonfire ascetics so you can reset enemy spawns and treasure chests for goodies.

Here’s the video, which features a wonderful, silly Evangelion-style opening:

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If you’re looking for some more Goof Souls, we recently wrote about another player that managed to beat Dark Souls most challenging bosses by just rollin’ at them. Very good.