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In Dark Souls 2’s original story you went to the past and met the Emerald Herald as a kid

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls II – the awkward middle child of the sublime trilogy – had a pretty fraught development process. Its story and many areas of its world were revised before release, but thanks to internet dataminers, we’ve learned a fair bit about its original plot.

It seems we were originally supposed to learn of an artefact called the ‘Pendulum of Time’ via an Aldia-esque scholar named Velderrick, and that assembling the pendulum was a key task for much of the game. That done, we’re then able to travel through time, and encounter Shanalotte (aka, the Emerald Herald) as a child in the past (it’s worth noting at this point that ‘Child Shanalotte’ appears in the game’s credits).

Shaliquor the talking cat also had a lot more to say, there’s an expanded role for the dwarf-like Gyrm, and the Undead Crypt was originally home to a whole new subrace of Undead called Immortals.

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The news comes from Dark Souls dataminer and YouTuber ‘Sanadsk’, who’s dug up a bunch of cut voice lines and environment assets. His video is embedded below, or you can click here to read the cut lines in a GDoc.

A number of these changes make a great deal of sense, when you consider how underdone and out-of-place their remnants often feel in the shipped game. Time travel did occur, Gyrm did exist, but their inclusion felt a little disjointed and underdone.

It’s easy to make excuses given the Souls games’ famous obscurity, yet it’s often said that Dark Souls II struggled to walk the opaque-yet-coherent line with the same grace as others in the series. So it’s interesting to learn more about the original vision, and to consider whether it would’ve felt any smoother.

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