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Overlooked Dark Souls sequel getting a remaster mod, ten years later

A Dark Souls 2 remaster mod is on the way, bringing FromSoftware's oft-overlooked sequel to the modern day with better textures and shadows.

The modder behind the ongoing Dark Souls Re-Remastered project is setting their sights on an oft-overlooked FromSoftware game next, as they plan to remaster vanilla Dark Souls 2. Upscaled textures, dynamic shadows, and more are on the agenda, so if you’ve wanted a reason to return to Drangleic for some time, this is as good an excuse as any.

Modder ‘fromsoftserve’ has been making visual overhaul mods for the Souls series, and Dragon Age, for years now. With some of the best Soulslike games already under their belt, fromsoftserve is now turning to the black sheep, maverick, rebel, or whatever you want to call Dark Souls 2.

In the decade since Dark Souls 2 (yeah, I know, right?) I’d like to think the reception to the game has changed. Adaptability, Life Gems, and a completely different movement style have come to define what makes DS2 special. Fromsoftserve is going to tackle revitalizing the vanilla game after they’re done with Dark Souls Re-Remastered.

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While fromsoftserve isn’t modding the Scholar of the First version of Dark Souls 2 – which makes a colossal number of changes to the vanilla game – they did show off the improved textures of the first area of DS2, Things Betwixt. We’re looking at a two times resolution boost, so 1K textures will be upscaled to 2K as an example, with some textures even getting to 4K.

Even the grass will cast shadows in vanilla Dark Souls 2 now – that’s how deep this goes. You can even see a before and after from one of fromsoftserve’s tweets, and it looks a whole lot cleaner. The skybox should even look a lot nicer thanks to upscaling, too.

Dark Souls 2 remaster

Vanilla Dark Souls 2 deserves a face-lift, so it’s great to see fromsoftserve planning to do what they can with shadows, texture quality, and more.

You’ll find all of FromSoftserve’s Dark Souls mods right here, which include a Scholar of the First Sin visual overhaul, the ongoing Dark Souls Re-Remastered, and a whole lot more. The Dark Souls 2 remaster is on the way, but we could be waiting a while.

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