Dark Souls III player beats game without taking a single hit

Dark Souls 3

While the rest of us struggle our way through any of FromSoftware’s dark, gothic pain chambers, demi-gods are already setting world records for speedruns and, in this case, perfect runs.

Even if you can’t manage a flawless run, DS3 is still one of the best games this year.

Streamer FaraazKhan has become the first person on Earth to defeat the Lords of Cinder and complete Dark Souls 3 without taking a single hit.

Unpack that information for a moment. Not even once did he take damage from an enemy, in over two hours of playtime, killing all story bosses along the way.

You can watch the final fight here, once he’s jumped off a wall in Firelink Shrine a few times to put him a single sword-nick away from death, as if the extra tension was needed.

Judging by Faraaz’s previous run, the final boss isn’t the sticking point for a no-hitter, as he took only one instance of damage from the pair of lads you face before the Soul of Cinder.

Still, he wasn’t taking any chances with the final fight, he doesn’t even appear to blink until it’s over and the donations start rolling in. Well played, Ashen One.

Whole run below:

Watch live video from FaraazKhan on www.twitch.tv