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Dark Souls completely rebuilt as a pixel-art RPG, available now

A massive new Dark Souls mod transforms the entire FromSoftware RPG into a low-res, pixel-art masterpiece, available to play right now.

Dark Souls mod pixel RPG: A hero wearing armor from FromSoftware RPG game Dark Souls

There are Dark Souls mods, and there are Dark Souls mods. You can change your Estus flask into a can of Monster Energy. You can randomize enemies, so you wind up fighting the Capra Demon every time you go near Firelink Shrine. But in some cases, the epochal, FromSoftware RPG gets a visionary overhaul – a total aesthetic transformation that makes it feel like a new game entirely. Between Vampire Survivors, Undertale, and this year’s Sea of Stars, if the combination of pixel art and role playing gets your blood pumping, Dark Souls has been completely rebuilt just for you, and you can play the beautiful new version right now.

Dark Souls is the RPG game that refined and popularized a genre. What we now call the soulslike first found form in Demon’s Souls, but it was the 2011 FromSoftware masterpiece that cemented the tropes and conventions that are now emulated across games like Lords of the Fallen and Lies of P.

At 12 years old, Dark Souls is still one of the best-looking games ever, owing in no small part to the distinctive and expressive design work behind its locations and enemies. Anor Londo, Seath the Scaleless, the putrid depths of Blighttown – all these icons have now been reimagined in a loving pixel art style.

Created by ‘Greatgramcracker,’ Pixel Souls Demastered replaces every texture, font, icon, and visual effect in Dark Souls with lower-resolution, pixel-art graphics. Character and enemy models have reduced fidelity, and there are even 8-bit versions of some of Dark Souls’ most recognizable music tracks, created specifically for the mod by musician ‘IllusoryWall.’

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Naturally, you need a copy of Dark Souls to play it, but if you want to re-experience FromSoftware’s greatest ever work with a visual style reminiscent of RPGs past, you can get the superb Pixel Souls Demastered right here on Nexus Mods.

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