BloodSouls adds Bloodborne’s cleaver-wielding hunter to Dark Souls


Are you good at parrying in Dark Souls? Do you think you could beat it with your shield swapped out for a blunderbuss? My friend, the BloodSouls mod was made just for you. 

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In BloodSouls, you play as a hunter from PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne. If you never played the console-only FromSoftware game, it’s essentially Dark Souls sped up, with combat built around deft sidesteps and counters.

Instead of a shield, you have a gun – the firearm can be used for parrying an opponent, if timed right, just like a light shield in Dark Souls.

BloodSouls gives you a pistol and a massive cleaver to smack enemies with, as well as the garb associated with Bloodborne’s hunters. It’s a shame you don’t get their swift sidesteps and weapon transformations, but it’s still a cool mod.

Of course, like the original Dark Souls for PC, you need the DSFix mod to make it work.

Check it out in the video above then grab the mod on Nexus.