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You can now play Among Us in Dark Souls

There's now an Among Us mode modded into Dark Souls, thanks to the efforts of Inferno Plus.

There's a Dark Souls Among Us mod now

There’s now a way to play an Among Us-style mode in the original Dark Souls, thanks to a new mod from Inferno Plus – the same modder who basically turned Dark Souls into Halo a little while back. The Dark Souls Among Us mod is available for free now, and it’s got a surprising amount of depth to it.

Inferno Plus has previously been on a journey to make Dark Souls as cursed as possible, even going so far as to completely overhaul the game’s multiplayer. Their newest mod adds a brand new multiplayer game mode to Dark Souls 1 and is available to download now for free for both the Prepare To Die and Remastered editions of the game.

This release is the 2.0.2 version of their Dark Souls: Remastest Mod and it adds a co-op social deduction mode similar to Among Us or a more team-friendly Trouble In Terrorist Town. It creates a party where three players are trying to beat the area and a buffed boss but a fourth player is trying to kill them all, and none of the good guys know who the traitor is.

The traitor gets a selection of unique items, such as proximity explosives, a suicide bomb, and a “butterfingers” command that forces another player to “accidentally” attack. The good players have to be careful not to kill the wrong person too, as not only will it make things easier for the traitor but it will leave them shorthanded for the boss – which they have to kill to win the mode.

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It sounds a lot of fun, and although it’s clearly Among Us-inspired – as Inferno Plus admits even in the thumbnail – but the mode is unique enough to not just feel like a direct copy of InnerSloth’s title or other similar social deduction games. Give it a go if you never want to trust your friends ever again.