Dark Souls Remastered has dedicated servers, lets you crush multiple souls

Dark Souls Remastered - Oscar of Astora

Dark Souls Remastered adds no new content, but makes plenty of graphical and quality-of-life tweaks. Among these is the ability to cash multiple hard souls and humanities, to rebind keys, and a ton of changes to multiplayer.

We played Dark Souls Remastered (albeit on a console). Here’s what we made of it.

We discovered the handy and much-requested time-saver during our recent hands-on time with the game. Key configuration is also confirmed.

Most of the other gameplay enhancements focus on multiplayer, with a move from peer-to-peer matchmaking to dedicated servers the biggest news. Password matchmaking has been added, and the player cap for your fight clubs has been raised from four to six. Accordingly, and with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC included as standard, the Oolacile arena now offers 6-player and 3v3 deathmatches.

You’ll access the new six-player cap with the Dried Finger item, which has been moved earlier in the game. A bonfire has also been added to Vamos the Undead Blacksmith’s room.

Is this enough to make you pick up Dark Souls Remastered, when we can get most of its graphical improvements by modding the original game? Let us know in the comments.