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Forgotten Capcom sci-fi shooter is about to be delisted from Steam

Partly reminiscent of Dead Space and Gears of War, one forgotten Capcom shooter is being delisted from Steam, so get it cheap while you can.

Dark Void Steam delisted: A hero in sci-fi armor from Capcom shooter Dark Void

It’s funny what a sudden delisting can do to you. There are games out there – games you’ve maybe never heard of, or perhaps thought about playing but never found the time for – and once you find out they’re being pulled from Steam, possibly forever, you’re hit with a sense of urgency. Inspired by the likes of Dead Space and Gears of War, one overlooked shooter published by Capcom is about to vanish from Valve’s store. If you’ve never tried it, and you’re worried about missing out forever, you can get it now for cheap, but you don’t have long.

Dark Void is a shooter and action-adventure game from 2010, created by the erstwhile Airtight Games – if you never played Murdered: Soul Suspect, the final game in the studio’s unfortunately short softography, that’s certainly worth your time, too. Published by Capcom and starring Uncharted’s Nolan North, Dark Void is particularly notable for its ‘vertical cover system.’

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Fighting in the outer reaches of an alien world, you scale battleships, space stations, and arenas using a jetpack, allowing you to swap between traditional third-person shooting and fluid movement quite literally on the fly. You can upgrade your gear and there’s a full new game plus mode. If you wanted to give Dark Void a shot, now’s the time. It’s a perfectly enjoyable shooter with a smart gimmick – a worthy relic of the game store lower-shelf 6/10s that perhaps deserve a reappraisal.

As per a new statement on the game’s Steam page, Dark Void will be delisted Wednesday May 8 at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST / 1:30am GMT on Thursday May 9 / 2:30am CEST May 9 / 11:30am AEDT May 9. The game’s spin-off, Dark Void Zero, will also disappear at the same time. Until then, however, you can get Dark Void at a 50% discount, bringing down the cost to $4.99 / £3.24. If you want to try this solid but overlooked shooter for yourself, just head right here.

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