Darkest Dungeon crawls screaming out of Early Access today with a new trailer

Darkest Dungeon out now

Darkest Dungeon sits on the very prestigious list of games that look absolutely great, so I’m waiting for them to come out of Early Access and get the full experience. Well I’ll be waiting no longer, as its full release will be occuring this very day. In the mean time, there’s a lovely trailer for you to devour whole with your non-Euclidean mouth of one million teeth.

Fraser will soon pass final judgement on if Darkest Dungeon deserves a slot with the best RPGs ever.

It’s that sort of game you see – lots of gooey sacs, fearsome beasts and people losing their minds.

My favourite thing about the look of Darkest Dungeon is how it seems to take its name as a challenge. The dungeon part isn’t too hard, but being the single darkest game possible is where it shines. It’s just brutal, from the blood-spattered, depressing locales to the grim UI right down to the mechancis of wading through corpses, contracting diseases and slow, inevitable loss of sanity.

All that in mind, I’ve naturally been excited for it for a long time. I’ve sworn off Early Access, seing no benefit in either playing great games before they’re ready or wasting my money on broken ones. Now that it’s out I get the full blast, assuming I can find time for it between the new Diablo 3 patch, Romero’s Doom level, Oxenfree and a thousand other hour-feeders. Whohas found the time? Should I still be excited?