First Darksiders 3 gameplay trailer whips Sloth into shape

Darksiders 3 Gunfire Games First Look Unreal Engine

We’ve just been treated to a showcase of extended gameplay from the upcoming Darksiders 3. In it, we see that the impending hack-and-slash from Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic makes the leap over to the Unreal Engine with a totally new world, as well as a new protagonist in the form of the whip-wielding femme fatale Fury.

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The twelve minutes of gameplay sees Fury moving through an Earth-like post-apocalyptic world on a mission to kill the seven deadly sins. This new title promises to improve on previous games in the series, introducing seamless transitions with zero hard loads, a huge graphical overhaul and a new design philosophy based around logic and context.

Darksiders 3 will be here sometime in 2018, but you can head over to Steam now for information and discussion. You can also check out the full run-down over at IGN.