Darksiders III gets first trailer following leak - see Fury decapitate a demon with a whip | PCGamesN

Darksiders III gets first trailer following leak - see Fury decapitate a demon with a whip

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Update May 2, 2017: Darksiders III has a trailer.

Following a leak earlier today (see original story, below), Darksiders III has an official reveal trailer. There's no gameplay, but we see more of new protagonist Fury and get a little taste of the game's premise.

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The Charred Council, cosmic mediators in the war between Heaven and Hell, narrate the trailer. Turns out the seals of the Apocalypse have been broken, "shattered by War's betrayal." Now it's up to Fury to step up and destroy the enemies of existence itself - the seven deadly sins. At some point, to judge from the final scene, using your whip to decapitate big ugly demons will also be necessary.

The trailer, which comes via IGN, confirms that the game is out some time next year.

Original story May 2, 2017: Darksiders III is happening, it’s coming to PC next year, and it stars a woman mage named Fury.

That’s according to an seemingly premature listing for the game on Amazon, first spotted by AllGamesDelta. At time of writing, the page is still up for you to peruse, with details and screenshots. 

According to Amazon, the game's key features include:

  • "Play as Fury - a mage who must rely on her whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil on Earth!
  • "Harness Fury's magic to unleash her various forms - each granting her access to new weapons, moves and traversal abilities
  • "Explore an open-ended, living, free-form game world in which Fury moves back and forth between environments to uncover secrets while advancing the story
  • "Defeat the Seven Deadly Sins and their servants who range from mystical creatures to degenerated beings
  • "Darksiders signature art style - expansive post-apocalyptic environments that take the player from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell, dilapidated by war and decay and overrun by nature."

So expect some hack-and-slash action-RPG gameplay in a post-apocalyptic, Biblically themed setting. Sounds pretty Darksiders. The release date is listed as December 31, 2018, which is a typical placeholder date for some time next year.

The news is further corroborated by a new listing on Sony’s PlayStation store for 'Fury's Collection', a bundle of the first two Darksiders games. As IbukiLordSA notes on NeoGAF, this title only makes sense now we know Fury is the latest series protagonist.

Incidentally, that bundle is a pretty good deal. At £15.99, Fury's Collection is a steal compared to the Darksiders Franchise Pack - they both contain the Darksiders Warmastered Edition and the Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, though the Franchise Pack is almost treble the price at £44.99 ($49.99). Hopefully Fury’s Collection will come to Steam soon.

Fury has appeared in Darksiders before - in their alternate universe, she's one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, alongside War, Death, and Strife.

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