Darktide patch notes PSA: Third-party tools are risky business

The recent Darktide patch notes take a harsh stance on the use of third-party tools in Fatshark's Warhammer 40k game, cautioning against them.

Darktide patch notes PSA: Third-party tools are risky business: A dark skinned man with glowing aqua eyes wearing a hood and red machine armour looks into the camera holding a staff and a blue orb

The January 25 Warhammer 40k: Darktide patch notes fix a whole plethora of bugs, but more importantly dissuade players from using third-party tools that require your login details to alter the Warhammer 40k game.

While Fatshark has confirmed that there will be no new content for the PC version of Darktide (and that the action-adventure game‘s Xbox release has been postponed), the devs have made clear that their current focus is rebuilding the game from the ground up in order to work on its stability.

Darktide patch 1.0.22 does just that, fixing swathes of bugs with weapons, Blessings, cosmetics, enemies, and abilities. The most important ones, though, relate to crashing, hopefully meaning that the game won’t randomly die on you from now on in.

Above all of this, however, is a discussion on the use of third-party tools. As more and more game developers dissuade players from making use of programs that alter their games, Fatshark has taken a similar stance – specifically targeting tools that require your login data to make adjustments to the game’s interface.

“While we are generally supportive of these kinds of community-developed tools, we are aware that there are third-party services available which interface with our backend APIs using authentication tokens acquired from our web services or the game itself,” Fatshark writes.

“We just wanted to make sure that all our players are aware that Fatshark will not be accountable for any issues caused by using these tools, and that we don’t support using the token in any other way than with the official game client. This is done entirely at the players’ own risk.”

A huge ogre-style behemoth wearing armour in an abandoned spaceship attacking a player character

Fatshark goes on to clarify that you’re essentially “giving out your Darktide account credentials with potentially excessive permissions to a third party which Fatshark has no control over,” hence the player is at fault, and not the developer.

There’s always a risk when downloading mods and using third-party altering systems; that’s pretty much a given. Unfortunately, if you’re willing to disclose your details, you have to face the consequences if something goes wrong. Sure, the game’s technical issues are annoying. Sure, I want to play Darktide without it crashing or stuttering. But I’d rather just wait for the official fixes Fatshark has promised.

In the meantime, if you’re committed to eliminating Chaos yet again then be sure to check out our rundown of all the Darktide error code fixes to help you, y’know, actually play the game. If you find yourself getting frustrated, there’s a whole universe of Warhammer games just waiting for you to explore it – trust me when I say it’s worth it, but will absolutely consume you. I’m not liable for late night/early morning game sessions, by the way.