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Warhammer 40K: Darktide update 1.08 adds crafting system

Warhammer 40K: Darktide update 1.08 continues developer Fatshark’s early access beta improvements to game stability, and adds a crafting system for progression

Warhammer 40K: Darktide update 1.08 - a soldier yells as she fires off her rifle

Warhammer 40K: Darktide update 1.08 is the latest from developer Fatshark in its series of patches to the early access beta for its industrial future fantasy co-op game. It says that the pre-order beta continues to allow the team “to test, find new issues, and solve them.” While the release of Darktide patch 1.07 put the game on “a good trajectory,” Fatshark says it has made even more progress with this latest release, though it notes that “there are still a few pesky issues out there we will continue to work through.”

Core to the Darktide 1.08 patch are new progression and economy features, including the launch of the first part of the game’s crafting system. The Armoury Exchange will now offer a small selection of character and weapon cosmetics, with more access being unlocked as your player level increases. New end-of-round cards will highlight the weapons and feats that are available to players to improve clarity for the progression.

The Mourningstar’s Tech Priest, Hadron Omega-7-7, will now appear at the Shrine of the Omnissiah in the game’s hub once you have a trust level of four or higher. Furthermore, the patch introduces the Consecration ability, which lets you upgrade a weapon or curio’s tier – giving it a random perk or blessing based on the tier it has been upgraded to. This uses crafting materials, which will now be found during missions on Tertium.

The team at Fatshark also says it is working hard to improve the gameplay balance. The focus in update 1.08 is “trying to balance effortless kite-dodging and maintaining the nimbleness of lighter weapons that live and die by the dodge.” In addition, Fatshark adds that it is “monitoring the current dodge and toughness configuration and will continue to tweak it leading up to release.”

Warhammer 40K: Darktide update 1.08 patch notes – November 24

New feature – Crafting

  • UI for interacting with the workshop is available.
  • Consecrate functionality is available for players.
  • Players can earn crafting materials from missions via pickups.
  • Hadron’s Workshop as an interaction point is also available.
  • Armoury Exchange updated – Character and weapon skins in the store.

Quality of Life

  • Added EOR (end-of-round) Cards to show better what you unlock.
  • Sire Melk’s Requisitorium should provide better items overall by only having pristine/mastercrafted items.
  • Made Zealot’s Penance tier 1 and 2 pants more distinct.

User Interface

  • We’ve added better interfacing for some cases where invalid names are entered during character creation, making it clearer that the chosen name/input is not accepted.
  • Fixed unlocalized strings in the settings menu.
  • Fixing some localization on some cosmetics items.
  • Improved item sorting by rarity – should now consider item rating too (shouldn’t crash now either!).

Fixes and tweaks

  • Fixed an instance where players could not use weapon special when ADS with the Lucius Mk III Helbore Lasgun.
  • Fixed issues with some audio on the Excise Vault Spireside-13 mission.
  • Turned down the light emitted by the Zealot. The Zealot calmed down, and their overly bright aura will serve as a flashlight no longer.
  • Fixed it so the Convict Garb no longer clips when having a specific face.
  • Fixed an issue with some gloves not looking correct while sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where several of the enemy stagger animations clipped a lot.
  • Can now use weapon special when ADS on Headhunter Autoguns and Braced Autoguns.
  • Fixed some flickering in some prologue cinematics.
  • The camera would jump through geometry when switching between players in spectator mode. Now, it’ll jump between players to remove those unsightly geometry collisions.
  • Weirdly, ammo increased indefinitely when reloading during the prologue, which could cause a crash. This was fixed, and you can reload as much as you need.
  • Fixed some issues with buffering melee attacks when playing as Ogryn. No attack was triggered when players held the button “too early” in a chain. We have now adjusted this a little to make the overall feel better.
  • Better Variety of grunts when pushing multiple enemies. We know you love a good grunt.
  • Some voice-over was unintentionally canceled by players placing world markers or using the comms wheel – we fixed that for ya.
  • Players can no longer stand on top of the elevator in Chasm Logistratum and render the mission impossible to complete.
  • Re-entering an airlock after using it no longer triggers the ‘group up’ VO, as this is no longer the objective.
  • Fixed an issue where stacking crit bonuses would break the crit calculation, rendering the weapon unable to crit. Say “crit” one more time…
  • Fixed the Force Staff sometimes having a +x% reload speed property – despite not being reloadable. It’s a staff, after all—no need to reload it.
  • The Counter fire’ Veteran Feat should now work consistently.
  • Fixed an issue with the Accatran Mk VIIa Lasgun, where shots would disappear after traveling around 45 meters / 147.6 feet / 49 yards / 0.0045 Swedish Miles.
  • Made some minor tweaks to the minion melee movement.
  • Tweaked ranged minions range switch from melee to ranged override when players are kiting them not to occur too close to players.
  • Fixed some broken stagger animations for various minions and some sound tweaks.
  • Fixed animation on fuel hose NPC character being frozen at the beginning of the level 18 Path of Trust cutscene.
  • Prologue cinematic fix for Zolas wound not looking like a wound, but something…else.
  • Made some voice-over tweaks so that we always play a line when deploying a health pack or ammo crate.
  • Fixed issue causing two, or sometimes fewer, items to appear in the credits store on refresh.
  • Improved stability of end-of-round rewards finalizing.

Balance Adjustments

  • Setup separate weapon-specific dodge curves for light melee weapons, tune-up separate zealot baseline:
  • Setup separate dodge curve for Zealot class, increase baseline dodge distance to 2.75m over 0.4s (was 2.5m over 0.4s).
  • Increase dodge slide friction speed threshold to 5.5m/s (from 4.5) – we don’t break down as hard on dodge-sliding.
  • Setup weapon specific curves for agile dodge profiles to allow customized behavior:
  • For Atrox Tactical Axes and Maccabian Duelling Swords: Custom curve 2.75m over 0.35s with fine-tuned end of curve for chaining.
  • For Catachan Mk III Combat Blade: Custom curve 2.9m over 0.35s with fine-tuned end of curve for chaining.

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