Dauntless Behemoths – a slayer’s guide to monsters

Discover the strengths, weaknesses, and locations of every Dauntless Behemoth added to the game so far

Dauntless peerless arcstone

Welcome, Slayer, to our Dauntless Behemoths guide. The Shattered Isles are treacherous so you must prepare for the dangers that lie ahead. Luckily for you, our guide to the Isle’s biggest, baddest monsters will put you in good stead.

Dauntless, for those unfamiliar with it, is a free-to-play action-RPG homogeneous to that of Monster Hunter: World, and is out now on the Epic Store. Behemoths are enemies that you encounter throughout this adventure, and each new one you discover is tougher than the last. We’ve devised a guide for all 18 of them, including each of their variants, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a tip or two on how to beat the beasties.

Before we start, there are a few things to bear in mind. Some Behemoths are broken down into three categories: the Rogue, regular, and specialist class. The Rogue is the weakest while the specialist the strongest. Each Behemoth may specialise in a certain element or feature none at all – these include blaze, frost, shock, and some other specialist varieties.

In an enraged state, a Behemoth’s element can become stronger and, as a result, make it much quicker at attacking. As with the specialist classes, they’re bigger in size, feature an extended moveset, and generally require more manpower to take down.

Ready to get started? Then let’s begin!

The Dauntless Behemoths are:

Dauntless Behemoths - Gnasher


The Gnasher Behemoths are creatures with beaver-esque qualities, who prefer to either charge at you full force, pummel you to the ground with their flat paddled tails, or at their strongest, crush you with a forceful somersault.

A Gnasher’s weak spots are the tail and face, and they’re fought best with swift slices to either of these two regions. When it plans to swipe its tail, try dodging just before it executes this move, as it leaves you a few seconds to strike at its back.

There are three variants of this Behemoth, all with neutral elements, making them a little easier to take down.

  • Rogue Gnasher: One of the first Behemoths you encounter during the tutorial, and also the weakest. Dark gold in colour with a pale bodice, the Rogue lingers in The Sheltered Frontier in Rook’s Isle.
  • Gnasher: A more burnished colour of gold, the Gnasher roams the Monstrous Verge zone of The Shattered Isles, either in the Aulric’s Refuge or Iron Falls.
  • Ragtail Gnasher: The Ragtail is bigger in size, quicker on its feet, and stronger. This variation looms in The Maelstrom: the area that harbours the most challenging Behemoths of The Shattered Isles.

Dauntless Behemoths - Embermane


When it comes to the king of charge, the Embermane Behemoth takes the throne. Their slender build and rhino attributes make them fast, agile, and difficult to pin down.

Embermanes scurry back before quickly launching at you with their horns, making well-timed dodges imperative for survival. Though you can strike at any part of their body with ease, watch out for the spinning attack from the back legs.

There are three variants of this species, each possessing a blaze (fire) element:

  • Rogue Embermane: Found in The Sheltered Frontier. The weakest of the three variants, the Rogue’s intense blue form makes it a key target to spot in the battlefield.
  • Embermane: Found in the drier climate of The Yonder Keys, use this variant’s weakness to frost to your advantage. It’s dark red in colour with faint black stripes, making it difficult to spot in its warmer environment.
  • Bloodfire Embermane: Tougher, bigger, and quicker, the Bloodfire presents a more threatening challenge if you wish to tackle it solo. This tough guy’s weakness to frost should form your baseline tactic in combat. He lurks within The Maelstrom zone.

Dauntless Behemoths - Shrike


Not an owl, though not quite an eagle, either – Shrikes are an unusual hybrid of both species blended into one. They’re known for their gargantuan wings, razor-sharp talons, and birdlike prowess – and will use all three of these traits to their advantage. These Behemoth plods the land of The Shattered Isles, where they’ll let out a piercing screech as soon as they spot you.

The Shrike’s ability to slice you with talons and pin you down with their wings make it a creature of enormous strength and speed. They prefer to swipe at you with their claws – so make sure to stay behind them wherever possible.

If you feel brave, try swiping at the Shrike’s underbelly when they glide towards you. This will cause the creatures to stumble and give you the chance to attack them at ground level.

There are three variants of this Behemoth:

  • Rogue Shrike: The Rogue Shrike wanders The Sheltered Frontier, with no unique strengths, weaknesses, or elements.
  • Shrike: Middle-tier difficulty and also neutral in elements. The Shrike lives in The Monstrous Verge and The Yonder Keys.
  • Moonreaver Shrike: The toughest of all three variants, the Moonreaver lives in the perilous zone of The Maelstrom. It’s slightly larger in size with dark blue colouring, and also neutral in elements.

Dauntless Behemoths - Skraev


Found in the wintry isles of The Yonder Keys, Skraevs are similar to their brethren, the Shrikes, but come with the added strength of frost attacks. These beasts prefer to utilise their frosty abilities by hurling tornadoes or activating an ice fort to stop you in your tracks.

You can take down the Skraev with the same approaches you use against Shrikes; either land a heavy attack at their feet when their gliding toward you, or strike at their belly, tail, or face. The additional frost abilities make them a tricky foe to take down, but their weakness to both fire and shock elements make them vulnerable. Use these to give yourself an upper hand in combat.

We recommend attacking the beast with weapons forged in either two of these elements and use heavy close-range attacks to the back legs to take them down.

Dauntless Behemoths - Quillshot


The Quillshot Behemoth is a porcupine hybrid on steroids. Their beefy and menacing looks are completed with the collection of spikes adorning their backs, legs, and tails.

When fighting Quillshots you should stay on the move. They can shoot darts from multiple areas of their body, launching them in the air to cause a hail of shards from above. They can also slam you into the ground with their belly.

Approach this creature in one of two ways: either dodge their attacks and shoot from afar, or up close and personal with heavier weaponry. By choosing the melee approach, the shards from their back may be broken off – preventing the beasts from using them against you later on. This leaves these Behemoths in a much more vulnerable state and increases your chances of winning.

There are two variants of the Quillshot:

  • Quillshot: Found in The Monstrous Verge and The Yonder Keys. The Quillshot can be easily identified thanks to its grey body and turquoise shards that prominently protrude from its back. They have no elemental advantages.
  • Deadeye Quillshot: A force to be reckoned with. A Deadeye requires a little more force to take down because of its increased size. A neutral element Behemoth featuring lime green spikes, it looms among The Maelstrom zone of The Shattered Isles.

Dauntless Behemoths - Charrogg


A hulking monster turtle that loves fire – the Charrogg like to spew hot lava from all crevices of their body. But don’t let their slow and sluggish attacks fool you; Charroggs shoot blaze-element magma at long range, which gradually degrades your health over time.

Charroggs like to move in circular motion for a few seconds and eject fire, so use this time to get in close and strike at their glowing underbelly. With a vulnerability to frost, equipping ice weapons ahead of time will also aid you significantly in battle, dealing a fair bit of extra damage.

Two types of Charrogg exist in The Shattered Isles, both with a strength in fire and a weakness to frost:

  • Charrogg: Located in The Yonder Keys zone. This variant’s colour is muddy brown with a glowing red and orange underbelly.
  • Firebrand Charogg: A much meaner version of the Charrogg, minus the glowing underbelly. The Firebrand walks the lands of The Maelstrom, and features extended versions of the Chaorogg’s original attacks.

Dauntless Behemoths - Skarn


Skarn are a Behemoth with an exterior made of rock. Defeating these beasts may seem tricky, but with a little patience and well-placed hits, they should go down fairly quickly. You can find them resting in The Monstrous Verge or Yonder Keys.

These Behemoths make use of their rocky bods to try to roll over and crush you, but their shells can be broken down after a few hits, leaving them exposed. Occasionally they will shed their rocky armour after an attack, so take this chance to lay down some heavy hits on their body. Be quick, though, as the window of opportunity closes fast.

For this fight, we recommend taking a weapon such as the Chain Blades with you, as the weapon’s swift attacks allow you to land more strikes than any other – ideal for those narrow rock-shedding windows.

These one of a kind creatures feature no variant counterparts and are neutral in all strengths and weaknesses.

Dauntless Behemoths - Drask


Slick like a crocodile and as gnarly as a dragon, Drasks love to use their tails as a means of taking you down. These Behemoths live in The Yonder Keys region of The Shattered Isles. Though a fairly easy target to take down solo, the Drasks’ heavy attacks, bolstered by shock elemental damage, can be devastating to your health. Holding back offers no respite, either, as these Behemoths can fire electric bolts over range.

We recommend focusing on their legs to begin with, and using a weapon attuned to the blaze element, such as the Embersycthe or Bloodfire Axe, as Drasks show a weakness to fire.

Alternatively, if these Behemoths try ramming you with their side flank, a well-timed dodge towards the middle of its body will allow you to slide beneath them, leaving you unscathed.

Dauntless Behemoths - Hellion


Hellions are large and difficult beasts to take down. Found wandering throughout The Uncharted Reaches, their ability to scuttle beneath the ground and catapult towards you with great momentum make them unpredictable foes.

You can counteract a Hellion’s attack by using weapons forged with the frost element. Beware of their blaze attacks: their favoured style of offense activates small pools of magma on the battlefield, which you must dance around to avoid getting burnt.

As a tip, try slicing at a Hellion’s tail a couple of times, as this drops small orange orbs for you to collect, which grant you temporary immunity from their fire attacks. Likewise, by severing their tails completely, you remove their body slam ability.

Dauntless Behemoths - Stormclaw


The Stormclaws of The Uncharted Reaches are pesky Behemoths that are quick on their feet and continually restless. These creature use their shock elemental attacks to their advantage, laying down electrified traps for you to stumble upon, or catching you off guard with their electrical spin.

The skittish nature of the Stormclaws makes them difficult to land clean and steady strikes on. They’re the only Behemoths to not feature a stagger animation, meaning every hit must count while the creatures are up and active.

When the Stormclaws strike at long range with an electrical current, you can send the bolt straight back at them by hitting it with your weapon – providing you time it correctly. Follow this up with blaze-based elemental attacks – as Stormclaws are weak against fire – for a swift and decisive victory.

Dauntless Behemoths - Rezakiri


Rezakiris are chunky, dragonfly-esque Behemoths known for aerial abilities and their elongated tails. They’re the only beast to feature the radiant element, which grants them the ability to project colourful beams of damaging light. Naturally, this means Rezakiris are weak to Umbral damage: the element of darkness and shadow.

These creatures mostly prefer to levitate above you, dragging their tails on the floor, so when the opportunity arises try slicing at their tails furiously with a heavy weapon. This will help to get them on the ground.

When they use their light beam ability, which shoots out multiple bursts of lasers, run towards them instead of running away. This will both help you avoid getting hit and position you in close proximity to strike the Rezakiris when they finish their attack.

These Behemoths hover around The Maelstrom area of The Shattered Isles.

Dauntless Behemoths - Shrowd


The biggest and baddest Behemoths to ever feature on the Dauntless roster thus far, Shrowds are tough guys and juggernauts on the field. It’s recommended that only those wishing to tackle Dauntless at a higher tier of difficulty even approach Shrowds.

The Shrowd’s main elemental strength, Umbral, allows them to cast a cocoon of black light that engulfs you, leaving you open to their wide range of attacks. This fight challenges your ability to stay alert, which you need in order to survive.

These Behemoths are weak to the Radiant element, so bring a weapon along with you such as the Rezacutter, as it will give you vital support during this battle. If these Behemoths attack you from the front, try dodging between their legs then immediately striking soon after. It may also be worth stocking up on health tonics for a fight of this calibre.

If you’re feeling lucky, Shrowd linger in The Maelstrom zone – though it may be worth bringing some friends along with you for the hunt.

Dauntless Behemoths - Nayzaga


The Nayzaga Behemoths are strikingly similar in physique to the Quillshot, though they don’t make use of their spikes. Instead, they double up on a variety of long-ranged and close-ranged attacks, such as slicing you to ribbons with their claws.

This breed of Behemoth makes use of the shock element. They often spin around in circles, projecting small electrical currents in your direction. After this is complete, Nayzagas will slide towards you before turning around straight after to strike again. They can be slowed down considerably by using frosted weapons.

This class of Behemoth comes in two variants, both featuring strength in shock, and a weakness to frost:

  • Nayzaga: Found looming The Uncharted Reaches, and noticeable through its blue reptilian skin and green spikes.
  • Shockjaw: A Nayzaga on speed. The Shockjaw is chunkier than its ilk and located in The Maelstrom. We recommend that you take insulated gear to give extra protection against its shock abilities, as a they typically pack more of a punch.

Dauntless Behemoths - Pangar


Pangars are a heavy-hitter class with a weakness to blaze and a resistance to frost. They prefer to stomp you to the ground with their large feet, or curl up into a ball and launch themselves across the playing field.

Staying at the end of a Pangar’s tail allows you to avoid the powerful blows from their feet. Make sure to stay at the very end, though, as they often try swiping or flattening you with their tail the closer you get to their body. Keep an eye on their pattern of attack, too, and don’t get too comfortable staying in one spot.

There are two variants of this class, both vulnerable to blaze and a strength when faced with frost:

  • Pangar: Located in The Uncharted Reaches. The Pangar rocks a blue and purple body.
  • Frostback Pangar: Bigger, but with more powerful extensions to a Pangar’s existing abilities. It surveys The Maelstrom of The Shattered Isles.

Dauntless Behemoths - Kharabak


These Behemoths favour aerial assaults. Their wasp-like form makes them agile adversaries, preferring to slam you into the ground with their back or slicing you with their bladed snippers. Terrifyingly, Kharabaks are the only Behemoth that can turn invisible.

These creature favour hanging back and launching long-ranged attacks, such as swiping at you with their blades, then scurrying up to hit you up-close straight after. Interrupt a Kharabak’s charge by slicing upwards at their face – you’ll notice they begin to charge by dragging their claw across the ground.

Both variants listed below show a weakness to blaze and shock damage, and possess no elemental strengths:

  • Kharabak: Hovering in the Underworld region of The Uncharted Reaches, with an orange body and turquoise snippers.
  • Razorwing Kharabak: A more colourful and stronger variant to the Kharabak, with a long tail and purple colouring. The Razorwing waits at The Maelstrom in The Shattered Isles.

Dauntless Behemoths - Koshai


One of Dauntless’s most striking Behemoths, the Koshai proudly sports a set of glowing antlers that can be broken for use in weapon crafting. A creature of the forest, it uses a variety of plant-based attacks to decimate slayers, including vines that it can summon during a stomp attack, and a hail of thorns it can fire from afar.

Slayers attempting to take down a Koshai should make use of Blaze-enhanced weaponry, as the behemoth is weak to fire. Worry not about your own protective gear, though, as the Koshai is a neutral creature. If you need a window of attack, the Koshai can be interrupted if you deal enough damage while it is charging for its aerial attack.



This shadowy Behemoth embodies stealth and belongs to the Umbral element. If you’re in The Maelstrom, you’ll notice it as it carries the appearance of a giant cat with a bat’s head and is shrouded in a purple to portray the dark element it belongs to.

The Riftstalker’s stealth-based personality also informs its moveset, as it teleports around to get the jump on you. As is usually the case with something of a dark nature, use a weapon with the light themed Radiant element to make the battle easier.

At the time of writing, there aren’t any other variants to the Riftstalker.



This Rhino-like chap is of the Radiant element. You can find it in The Maelstrom, and you’ll know it when you see it as it has two pincer-esque horns.

As you can probably guess, this Behemoth’s moveset is all about charging you down and trying to skewer you with those horns. If you want a leg up in this fight, come prepared with Umbral elemental weapons.

Currently, there is only one version of this Behemoth.



This mish-mash of fur, bat wings, and teeth belongs to the frost element and has two other variants that you can hunt down.

Like many other Behemoths, it’s primary means of attack is to simply trample you. Where it differs, however, is in its ability to coat itself in ice and become impervious to damage. To break through its icy barrier, take out the minions it spawns to gain a free hit.

All variants of the Boreus are prone to fire.

  • Lesser Boreus: the weakest of the Boreus clan, this frosty foe can be found in Rook’s Isle and stands out due to its blue body and brown fur.
  • Dreadfrost Boreus: the baddest of the bunch, this Behemoth is distinguishable by a darker shade of purple than the standard Boreus, alongside a more luminous body. Nevermind the colouring though as the Dreadfrost Boreus remains in the frost category, and not of the Umbral element. You’ll also want to keep your wits about you, as the Dreadfrost Boreus hunt comes with the ‘Frigid Touch” modifier, which means you’ll freeze if the Behemoth touches you.

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And that should be all you need to know about Dauntless Behemoths for now, from what they look like, how they attack, and how you can pinpoint their weaknesses. Now all that’s left is for you to go out and hunt some mons’ yourself. We wish you luck, monster hunter.