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The closed beta for Dauntless, a new Monster Hunter style co-op RPG, starts today


Phoenix Labs have just announced that the closed beta for Dauntless, an online co-op action RPG, will launch at 12:00 PT (20:00 BST) today, September 1. The announcement comes with a trailer, which you can check out above, and shows off a stylish world, as well as some of Dauntless’ behemoths.

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In a press release, Phoenix say “in Dauntless, a cataclysmic event has shattered the land and shaped the untamed science-fantasy world known as the Shattered Isles. The skies are adrift with thousands of unexplored majestic floating islands that are stalked by savage Behemoths which are evolving and growing in power as they threaten humanity’s survival.”

“Dauntless is the next evolution of online co-op action RPGs. Players will forge their legends as Slayers, elite warriors fighting for humanity’s survival against ferocious Behemoths. A deep crafting system offers players an expansive arsenal of customized weapons and armor to create from the power of the Behemoths themselves. It’s up to Slayers to team up together in hunts of up to four players and put their skills to the test by taking the fight to the Behemoths.”

It’s a very pretty-looking game, with a world vaguely reminiscent of The Long Dark (at least, in the icy bits) and some Monster Hunter-style action. The trailer shows a lot of well-armoured, well-armed characters running around the world, taking on some elemental beasts, the behemoths. There’s an electric crocodile-thing, a big fire turtle, and a psychedelic eagle, and that’s just for starters.

The aim of the beta is to “build upon Dauntless’ live service, delivering regular updates that hone and expand the gameplay experience.” If you want access, you can purchase a Founder’s Pack, or if you’re heading to PAX West this weekend, you can try the game out in an attempt to win immediate access.