Visit Dauntless’ multiplayer hub, Ramsgate, to become the prettiest Slayer in all the land

Dauntless Ramsgate

Dauntless wouldn’t be much of a Monster Hunter-alike without a lovely little hub town where you can mess about with your equipment before heading out into the fray. Ramsgate, a windswept town at the edge of its fantasy landscape, serves that purpose. 

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Ramsgate is a windy settlement, battered by rain, and stricken by grief – every person here has seen a loved one die at the claws of a behemoth, so every resident values your role as a Slayer.

There’s a place to stock up on weapons, there’s a shop for armour, and there’s even a stylist that lets you dye your clothes to stand out from the crowd. If you want to learn the arcane arts, there’s even a place for that.

Outside of battle prep, you can also try curry favour with the game’s three factions: the Stormchasers, the Orrery, and the Crimson Blades. Get in their good books and you’ll get access to special rewards that could turn the tide of a battle.

For the full lowdown on Ramsgate, along with a little lore, check out the Dauntless blog.

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