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Dauntless’ Sharpen Your Skills update adds a rock-covered behemoth, is out this week


Dauntless’ next update arrives on Friday, December 8. The ‘Sharpen your Skills’ update adds new weapons, improved matchmaking, and two new Behemoths.

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The update introduces Skarn, a behemoth covered in rocky armour that can be chipped away at with blunt weapons, and Kharabak, a lightning-fast, airborne behemoth that slayers will need to react to quickly to avoid being sliced in half.

Elsewhere in the update, there’s a new weapon in the form of the War Pike. Described by the developers as “part pole-arm, part-rocket launcher.” The new weapon allows you to build up your meter with stylish combos, before unleashing a powerful ranged blast. Along with the new weapon, there’ll be new types of damage. Hammers will deal blunt damage, which stagger enemies, allowing piercing weapons like the War Pike, and cutting weapons like swords opportunity to get in close and deal damage.

Matchmaking is also being updated, allowing players to patrol regions rather than grouping together to hunt individual behemoths, which should reduce matchmaking times. There’ll also be new daily and weekly challenges to complete, and a Frostfall event arriving later this month.

You can check out all the changes in the Sharpen your Skills update in the video above.