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Dauntless’ new saved loadouts are one of the game’s “most-requested features”

The new 0.9.3. patch brings some exciting new features to the free-to-play action game

Phoenix Labs’ free-to-play RPG Dauntless has just got a shiny new patch that looks set to deliver one of its fans’ most-requested features, and more. The 0.9.3. update introduces a new interface for crafting, HUD and UI improvements, exotic repeaters – and saved loadouts.

Announced in a press release and on the Dauntless website, the new patch offers an array of features to Slayers, including the saved loadouts which are reportedly “one of the most-requested Dauntless features since launch.” Players are at first granted access to one saved loadout, but can unlock up to five extras through in-game progression and the “Mastery System.” In addition, you can also purchase packs of three slots, up to a total of nine extra saved loadouts – so, you could get up to a total of fifteen to save, choose, and swap between.

The saved loadouts let you pick your gear, ready for the hunt: your weapon of choice – plus mods and specials – consumables, transmogs, armour and armour dyes, and cells. This means you can be ready for the different challenges each hunt might throw at you in an instant. However, your personality choices – things like your Slayer appearance, emotes, banners, for example – won’t change when you swap loadout slots.

Phoenix Labs says that “swapping between your low-health damage dealer and part break farmer builds is as easy as a button press!”

Other goodies included in the patch include crafting getting “clearer.” The game now tells you exactly what you’ll need “for each first-time craft and subsequent upgrade, as well as where to get them.” Plus, the gear list now includes “two highly-requested additions”, flagging item levels and cell slot types.

The Twin Suns exotic repeaters and new ammo “mag bombs” will help you take down Behemoths in style, with the explosives clinging to them and causing some big damage if you can get lots ready to go boom at once.

UI and HUD tweaks improve their visuals, “making the on-screen information during intense Behemoth hunts easier to understand and use to Slayers’ advantage,” so it looks like your overall experience of the hunts will become more streamlined.

The Dauntless 0.9.3. Patch is already live so you should be all set to get those saved loadouts set up and take on the Behemoths with some extra strings to your bow.