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Dave the Diver gets hunted by the biggest sushi in free Godzilla DLC

Godzilla is coming to Dave the Diver in a time-limited free DLC pack, putting our portly pal right up against the biggest and best Kaiju.

Dave the Diver gets hunted by the biggest sushi in free Godzilla DLC: Godzilla stands ablaze in Dave the Diver.

All the man wanted was a bit of sushi. Instead, poor Dave the Diver got tasked with rebuilding a bar, hunting and being hunted by underwater creatures, and now he’s got something much bigger to go up against. We’ve known for a while that Godzilla is coming to the game in May but the release details are out now, and everyone’s favorite Kaiju will be rising from the deeps very soon.

Of course, Dave the Diver is a colossal beast itself. 2023’s biggest indie game exploded in every direction possible. For a while it seemed like everyone and their underwater dog was playing it, with several strong player resurgences since its release. Now, it might be time to grab your harpoon and head back into the Blue Hole, but be careful, there’s something down there.

In a State of Play stream back in January we learned two things. One is that Dave the Diver was coming to PlayStation and the other was that Godzilla would be joining the game in May. With less than half of May left, it’s about time we got more information, and today we did thanks to a new PlayStation blog post.

It’s now confirmed that this won’t be a patch or a simple update, instead developer Mintrocket will be releasing Godzilla as DLC. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the King of the Monsters, he’ll be entering the Blue Hole with global military organisation G-Force in hot pursuit. Dave the Diver will encounter Godzilla, wounded and alone, deep in the depths, and help fend off the terrifying Ebirah, horror of the deep.

Godzilla, however, is forever an enigmatic creature and is a force of nature that won’t bow to man’s whims. “Godzilla is infamous for his city-razing rampages, yet beneath his fearsome exterior lies its true nature, defending the planet against looming threats,” Mintrocket Director Jaeho Hwang says. “When another malevolent Kaiju emerges Godzilla’s allegiance might unexpectedly align with yours.”

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The Godzilla Content Pack for Dave the Diver will launch for free on Thursday May 23 and will be available until Saturday November 23. If you’d like to read more about this announcement, head over to the PlayStation blog to get more details.

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