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Daylight: Something this trailer has very little of

Daylight gameplay trailer

I usually have to make a deal with myself before delving into the world of psychological horror. Like, I’ll allow myself to eat a whole stack of jaffa cakes for every hour played. It’s always nice to know that there’s an orange and chocolate light at the end of the dark, insane, monster-infested tunnel. 

I might need to stock up on jaffa cakes for Daylight, then. The whole “use your mobile phone for light” shtick reminds me a little of the camera from Outlast, which scared me so much that my beard fell off. I confess the latest video doesn’t do very much for me, nor can I really tell what the Unreal Engine 4 is doing. You can’t really do psychological horror in a trailer though, it’s more of a slow burn thing.  

When Zombie Studios first mentioned using procedurally generated content, I confess I was sceptical. I still am, as I good horror demands a light, thoughtful touch and I’m just not sure if randomisation can elicit the sort of scares that a tightly scripted experience can. Yet, I’m absolutely fascinated by the idea, and I can’t help but be excited about the prospect of replayability, something that horror games don’t normally have.

Daylight is slated for Q1 this year, who else is buying jaffa cakes?

Cheers, CVG.