New Resident Evil-style horror game on the way, and you can try it now

Resident Evil-inspired indie horror game Daymare 1998 is getting a prequel, with the demo for Daymare 1994 available to try on Steam right now.

New Resident Evil-style horror game on the way, and you can try it now: A monster from Steam horror game Daymare 1994 getting electrocuted

A new Resident Evil-inspired horror game is making its way to Steam, with a demo now live and available to play. Starting life as an unofficial remake of Resident Evil 2, Daymare 1998 launched back in 2019. Now its prequel, Daymare 1994, is expected for August of this year, but if you can’t wait for the full thing and want to sample some of its over-the-shoulder, classic RE-inflected scares immediately, you’re in luck.

From what I’ve seen of Daymare 1994 so far, as well as Resident Evil, it’s got a touch of Dead Space and classic FPS game FEAR. As an agent of ‘HADES,’ or, to give it its full name, the ‘Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search,’ you enter a top-secret government facility that has been experimenting with bioweapons and futuristic technology.

On first glance, Daymare feels like an indie homage to both the retro, fixed-camera Resident Evil games, and the more-recent third-person remakes. But it also has a dismemberment system that would make Isaac Clarke grin, and its own narrative, lore, soundtrack, and smart puzzle design.

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The original game, Daymare 1998, began as a fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2, hence the ‘90s setting and familiar, homage-driven characters and setting. Daymare 1994, despite the comparisons to some horror classics, feels like an attempt to give the series an identity of its own, complete with a bigger budget and more ambitious narrative. Though it’s not out until August, the demo is pretty expansive, and available to try out right now. Just check out the Daymare Steam page.

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