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Does DayZ have crossplay?

Players of the popular survival game have been asking for crossplay for a while, but sadly the answer to this question remains the same for now

Dayz crossplay: two armed players restrain a third in zombie game DayZ

Does DayZ have crossplay? The popular open-world, zombie survival game launched a legacy we’re all still enjoying a decade later, ever since the original mod first appeared in 2012. Open-world games, zombie games, and even Steam Early Access itself all owe a lot to Dean Hall’s imagination, and it’s an experience that’s so much better with friends.

Unfortunately, if you’re wondering whether or not DayZ crossplay is a thing, we’ve got some bad news for you. Despite the years of development on the standalone PC version – as well as bona-fide Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions – players are stuck playing with people on the same platform as them.

While we could speculate why, it could be for any number of reasons. While crossplay itself isn’t as big a hurdle as it seems, this is assuming that all versions of the game function the same way. If there are too many disparities between, say, the PC version and the Xbox version, then enabling players on those platforms to play together might just make things worse. Here’s a quick summary of everything we know about DayZ crossplay.

DayZ crossplay

DayZ does not currently support crossplay between any platforms. To date, Bohemia Interactive has yet to comment on the missing feature, nor has it featured on any DayZ roadmaps released so far.

And that’s everything we know about DayZ crossplay, which is to say, we know nothing. We’ll keep an eye out in case anything new crops up – the survival simulation game is still being actively developed, after all, and thanks to the 1.17 patch it’s enjoying a new player count record, which isn’t bad for a game this old.