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DayZ fan film perfectly sums up the game

DayZ fan film

For the longest time, I let DayZ sit in my Steam library, as I waited for the finished version instead of spending more hours on yet another alpha. I broke, though, and found myself fighting zombies, glitches and dehydration in Bohemia Interactive’s bleak Eastern European game world. 

It’s a lonely, haunting game punctuated by moments of silliness and bug-induced absurdity. And this fan film from FireFilms perfectly captures this unfinished open world survival romp. Point your eyes at it, below.

If you fancy reading how I fared on my first DayZ adventure, take a look at Diary of a zombie victim.

Cheers, PC Gamer

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xNuke(8 hours played)
3 Years ago

That's just brilliant! Spot on as well :D

I'm waiting for the game to be a little more finished (At least in beta) before playing it again.

Still remember last I played I had accidentally pressed the wrong keybind and flipped off someone with a gun instead of waving. Didn't live for too long after that. Great game though, 10/10 :)