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Light at the end of the tunnel: DayZ producer confirms single-player, aims for beta by year’s end

A survivor runs through the forest.

DayZ is (probably, hopefully!) hitting a feature-complete beta by the end of the year, according to Bohemia’s Brian Hicks, Lead Producer on DayZ. And it’s also going to have a single-player option as well.

Single player DayZ. Interesting.

Having a single-player option for DayZ will probably get some newbies to get over their fear of the game’s brutal community, so I can see where it’s a smart idea. But at the same time, take away the threat of human interaction, and I’m not sure what DayZ becomes. Just a hardcore zombie survival game?

Hicks also said that DayZ will support Steam workshop modding, and they will soon release tools to allow people to host their own servers.