DayZ studio shuts down – but updates should keep on coming

"DayZ development isn't closed"

Bohemia Interactive, developer and publisher of survival shooter DayZ, has announced that it recently closed down its studio in Bratislava following “a mutual decision between management and studio leads”. However, it looks like all the survival game’s updates in the pipeline will still arrive as planned.

That’s according to a tweet posted by the studio in which it thanks “all team members for their contribution”, and confirms “this decision won’t affect the future dev. of DayZ, which will continue as outlined” in a January post on the open-world game’s site. It’s not clear from the studio’s post whether the team based at its Bratislava studio were currently working on the 2018 game, which is based on an Arma 2 mod of the same name.

The official DayZ Twitter channel has similarly confirmed “DayZ development isn’t closed”, and that there are updates on the way “all year”, but there’ll just be “longer gaps between them”. It adds, “Everything is going by the plan published in January”, which means there are multiple more game updates planned to arrive in 2020.

“This year, the development will focus on stability, bug fixing, and gameplay improvements,” the studio says in the post, “along with some new small-scale content.” For example, the dev’s looking at implementing a bunch of “inventory manipulation” and vehicle handling fixes, gameplay improvements to things like base building, “environment exposure”, cooking, and diseases.

In addition, the studio’s planning to add content such as new firearms, vehicle wrecks, and even the “broken body parts” mechanic, as well as extra features for modding support this coming year.

There’s no release date for the next DayZ update, but there’s a patch notes post you can check out here if you’re keen to see what’s most recently come to the game with its 1.07 update.