Consumer DDR5 RAM is coming in 2021

SK Hynix DRAM chip

In the hardware world, we’ve gone through generations upon generations of graphics cards and processors, but we’re still rocking the same DDR4 RAM technology that has been in the best gaming PCs for the past six years. Although RAM isn’t the most exciting of topics, the arrival of DDR5 this year should be welcomed, with big performance improvements.

Memory manufacturer TeamGroup has plans to initially release a single 16GB DDR5 stick for consumers with a frequency of 4,800MHz, a big improvement over what we’ve seen in most DDR4 sticks – while Corsair did offer a 5,000MHz 16GB DDR4 kit, it was prohibitively expensive at around $1,000.

It also runs at a voltage of 1.1v, compared to 1.2v on DDR4 – reducing power consumption by up to 10%. TeamGroup also claims a performance increase of up to “1.6 times”. Unlike DDR4, it supports Error Correction Code (ECC) on the RAM die itself –  which it says should reduce the cost of ECC RAM and improve system stability. However, if you’re buying one of the best gaming CPUs or best gaming motherboards right now, it’s sadly not going to support the next generation of RAM.

It’s already been confirmed that Intel’s upcoming 11th generation Rocket Lake-S CPUs won’t support DDR5 as the upcoming processors can be used on the same Z490 chipset and LGA 1200 socket as the current 10th generation. Hurray for backwards compatibility, though, right? You’ll likely have to wait for the release of its 12th generation Alder Lake-S chips in 2021/22 when we once again move to an entirely new motherboard design. And the same goes for the red team, as DDR5 support will likely arrive alongside AMD’s Zen 4 processor lineup, which won’t be coming until 2022.

TeamGroup plans for its DDR5 RAM modules to be released in Q3 of 2021. Meanwhile, Samsung has revealed one of its own DDR5 sticks with a whopping 512GB capacity.