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Dead By Daylight killer The Knight revealed with new survivor and map

New Dead by Daylight killer The Knight has been revealed for the multiplayer horror game, alongside a new survivor, map, and quality of life changes

Dead By Daylight killer The Knight revealed with new survivor and map: DBD survivor looks towards the camera

The new Dead by Daylight killer update Forged in Fog has been revealed, and it will add a new killer, survivor, and map to the asymmetrical multiplayer game from Behaviour Interactive. The Dead by Daylight update release date has also been confirmed, and it’s incredibly soon.

There’s a lot to unpack in this Dead by Daylight killer update, including a brand new cinematic to celebrate the full reveal of Forged in Fog, so let’s break everything down in the horror game reveal so you know what to expect when it releases.

Forged in Fog is coming out on November 22, and Chapter 26 is bringing with it heaps of new content that’s going to go all mediaeval on you.

New Killer The Knight is a towering mediaeval knight that can use their Guardia Compagnia power to create an AI “patrol path” that summons a guard that can patrol, hunt survivors, damage generators and pallets, and keep an eye on the map while you’re away. The guard leaves a standard flag when they spawn, and survivors can outsmart the guard by outlasting their hunt timer, unhooking a survivor, or catching the standard flag.

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There are three guards: The Carnifex, Assassin, and Jailer. The Knight can only use each of their special talents one at a time though.

The new survivor is Vittorio Toscano, a scholar who was working with Dead by Daylight killer The Knight. The two will have their narratives intertwined, as Toscano initially hired The Knight to help him during an expedition, before things went sour.

It’s not just a new Dead by Daylight killer and survivor though, as new map The Shattered Square will arrive with the update, but not much has been revealed about the map just yet. There are even some quality of life changes in the Dead by Daylight killer update, like survivor bots in custom matches, visual upgrades to the basement and breakable objects, and flashlight adjustments too.

If you need some help in the game, we’ve got a Dead by Daylight killer tier list that should help you figure out who’s best for you.