The Dead by Daylight dating sim Killers want to break you(r heart)

The Dead By Daylight dating sim Killers really just need a friend to talk to - or to dismember, but you won't know which it is until you get to know them

Following its initial reveal in May, where many thought it was an elaborate joke of some kind, you can now add the Dead by Daylight dating sim to your Steam wishlist. Behavior Interactive posted the Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim page on Steam with a brief overview of what to expect from the game when it launches sometime in summer 2022 and outlined who the Killers are in a separate press release. Hooked On You takes place on Murderer’s Island, so no guesses at what might happen should your wooing attempts go awry, and the horror game’s story intertwines with the separate narratives of the four Killers who retreated to the island for a relaxing getaway (of death).

First up is The Spirit, a goth ghost who may just cut your heart out if she takes a liking to you.

The Trapper is a self-described alpha male who prefers dispatching his victims in the cool comforts of a cave or at the poolside, while Behavior describes The Wraith as the quiet sexy one who just wants to love you the way you are.

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Finally is The Huntress. She does her dirty work in the forest and also enjoys eating squirrels apparently, so there’s one possible gift idea taken care of.

You wash up on this strange island with no memories or knowledge of why you’re here, so naturally the first thing to do is start flirting with everyone. The four Killers have multiple endings that change depending on your conversations and actions during the game, and you gradually unwrap the mysteries surrounding them as you spend more time together.

Aside from cozy – or life-ending – chats, you can take part in mini-games and other activities to develop your relationships, including treasure hunts, quizzes, and, slightly more worryingly, meat cutting.

If you play Dead by Daylight and purchase Hooked On You, you’ll also receive the Surf Survivor outfit for Jake Park and the Captured Heart charm in the main game.

You can check out Hooked On You on Steam and add it to your wishlist now.