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Dead by Daylight new map could be a crossover with Ubisoft’s For Honor

The new Dead by Daylight map could be inspired by action-adventure For Honor as Behaviour reportedly teams its multiplayer horror game with Ubisoft

Dead by Daylight new map could be a crossover with Ubisoft’s For Honor: The Trapper from DBD kills heroes from For Honor

Dead by Daylight and For Honor don’t seem like the most natural of companions, with the multiplayer horror game from Behavior and action-adventure from Ubisoft coming from entirely different backgrounds and genres. But according to a leaker who correctly anticipated the launch of Wesker and the DBD Resident Evil crossover, the new Dead by Daylight map could in fact be inspired by the 2017 Ubi action game.

DBD Leaks, which in the past has accurately revealed, ahead of time, that Sheva and Carlos would become available as legendary skins, and that Wesker would be named The Mastermind and use perks like Terminus and Awakened Awareness, now suggests that the next chapter in Dead by Daylight will feature an entirely new realm and new map inspired by Ubisoft’s For Honor, the period sword-and-shield game that sees you battling samurai and Vikings.

On the surface, this seems like an odd combination, given that For Honor is not really, in any way, a horror game. But if you look again at Ubisoft’s environments, all pikes, heads on sticks, and raging fires, a For Honor and Dead by Daylight crossover starts to make more sense. There could even be the possibility for some For Honor-themed killers.

“What will be the monster then?, asks one DBD player on Reddit. “A big black knight with flames?” “Main theory is Apollyon,” replies another, “the main villain of the [For Honor] story mode. While For Honor doesn’t really fit DBD, she specifically does.” Adding credence to the For Honor rumours, in 2021, For Honor held a Halloween event that allowed players to use The Trapper from DBD as an AI companion in the Dominion mode. It’s possible, then, that For Honor is now crossing over back the other way, and coming to Dead by Daylight in time for Halloween 2022.

It’s interesting to specualte where Apollyon, or whoever it may be, will appear on our tier list of all the DBD killers. Otherwise, as we wait for more word on the possible crossover, you might want to try out some of the other best multiplayer games, or perhap some of the other best action-adventure games on PC.