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Dead by Daylight killer Michael Myers is hiding a very creepy secret

Dead by Daylight killer Michael Myers is hiding a creepy secret, as a PC modder digs into the Halloween murderer in Behavior’s multiplayer horror game

Dead by Daylight killer Michael Myers is hiding a very creepy secret: Dead by Daylight killer Michael Myers holds a bloodied knife

Dead by Daylight killer Michael Myers is creepy enough as it is. With his imposing stature, featureless, William Shatner face mask, and extensive butchering history from the Halloween movies, Myers, also known as The Shape, is one of the most fearsome murderers in Behavior’s multiplayer horror game. But one DBD fan has uncovered a secret that makes Mike even more menacing.

“I met him fifteen years ago,” says Dr. Loomis about Michael, in the first Halloween. “This six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes. The devil’s eyes.” Until now, those eyes have seemingly been hidden beneath The Shape’s mask in DBD, but using a simple reshading tool, one Dead by Daylight player has been able to increase the brightness and lighting in the multiplayer horror and discover something that, again in the words of the good doctor, is “purely and simply evil”.

Turns out Micheal has EYES??!?!?! Found this out with reshader from deadbydaylight

Yes, it turns out Michael does indeed have eyes – black, devil’s eyes – hidden beneath his mask. They’re huge, unblinking, and looking right at you. “Oh,” writes one DBD player. “Oh no. That’s so much worse.” “How can I unsee something?” says another. “I wish you never brought this to my attention,” adds a third.

So, next time you’re being pursued by The Shape, remember, it’s not just a blank, unfeeling mask atop that gigantic body. There are eyes. Fearsome, glaring, intense eyes that you’re not supposed to see, but will never be able to forget.

For fear value alone, this could bump The Shape even higher on our tier list of the best Dead by Daylight killers. It might also convince us to try out some of the other best multiplayer games, or the best horror games on PC, just to avoid his nightmarish gaze.