Dead by Daylight killer Wesker gets stronger in new patch 6.2.1

Dead by Daylight killer Wesker, from Resident Evil, just got stronger in the multiplayer horror game thanks to the new Dead by Daylight patch 6.2.1

Dead by Daylight killer Wesker gets stronger in new patch 6.2.1: Wesker from Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight bares his virus tentacles

Dead by Daylight killer Wesker, from the Resident Evil crossover Project W, has just been made slightly stronger in Behavior’s multiplayer horror game, thanks to the new Dead by Daylight patch 6.2.1 which slightly, but crucially, alters some of Wesker’s stats.

One of Wesker’s powers, Virulent Bond, allows the Resident Evil villain to quickly barrel towards Dead by Daylight survivors to infect them with the RE series’ famous Ouroboros virus. In the public test build version of Dead by Daylight, Wesker’s collision detection radius for hitting survivors with Virulent Bond was 40cm, giving him a fair amount of leeway when it came to landing the manoeuvre. When he was released into the multiplayer horror game in full, however, this collision detection was dramatically reduced down to 20cm, meaning that Wesker would have to get closer to survivors to nail Virulent Bond.

Patch 6.2.1 alters this by going, basically, right down the middle – the collision detection radius for Wesker’s Virulent Bond is now a highly diplomatic 30cm, meaning he still has to get close, but not as close as before, effectively making the move partially easier to land. Scoring damage with Virulent Bond also now counts towards Wesker’s chaser emblem, whereby players accumulate points for successfully completing various killer-related actions like finding survivors and winning chases.

The new Dead by Daylight patch also addresses a bug whereby Wesker would infect survivors with Ouroborus during Virulent Bond, but not complete the move by picking them up if they were standing near a staircase. Players report that the bug does still exist, however, in other instances of using the move, not close to stairs. Hopefully Behavior will be able to address this in future patches.

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