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Dead by Daylight Twitter charm pokes fun at Musk and shirtless Felix

A new Dead by Daylight Twitter charm makes joking reference to Elon Musk’s social media takeover and DBD survivor Felix, beloved by BHVR horror game fans

A Dead by Daylight Twitter charm makes some references to Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media site, as well as DBD survivor Felix, who BHVR horror game fans have long petitioned to see shirtless, as the Forged in Fog DLC launches, and Dead by Daylight killers get to play against bots.

Obtained by entering the code “ONEMILLIONSOULS” into DBD, the new charm, which sports the word “Terror” in big, blue Twitter-like letters, is shared on BHVR’s social media feed, and dedicated to the “one million souls who hang out with us here”. At the bottom, there is another reference to Twitter in the form of a large blue bird – not unlike the social media site’s logo – only this time sporting sharp talons and an intimidating wingspan.

Released on November 22, the charm feels like a thank you to all of BHVR’s Twitter followers who have remained on the site after its takeover by Elon Musk, which prompted some users to quit Twitter due to changes in the verification process and news regarding mass layoffs of Twitter staff.

The charm makes another loving reference to the Dead by Daylight community, though this one is a little harder to spot. As spied over on DBD Reddit, if you zoom into and sharpen the charm’s thumbnail image, you can see the phrase “shirtless Felix when?” repeated around 20 times, one after another.

Dead by Daylight Twitter charm pokes fun at Musk and shirtless Felix: Close-up image of the new Dead by Daylight Twitter-themed charm

DBD survivor Felix Richter has long been a favourite of the game’s fanbase, which has campaigned through various social media channels for the release of a topless version of the character’s in-game model. Whether this is just a knowing nod to the BHVR community, or perhaps a hint that shirtless Felix could become a reality, remains to be seen.

Get all the details on Dead by Daylight update 6.4.0, alongside the Forged in Fog DLC, as killers can now hone their slaughter skills against bots. You might also want to try out some other great multiplayer games, or perhaps co-op games if teamwork is your bag rather than hunting people down.