Dead by Daylight survivors can easily detect Resident Evil’s Wesker

Dead by Daylight survivors can easily spot the new DBD killer, Wesker from Resident Evil, given the character’s terror radius in Behaviour’s multiplayer horror

Dead by Daylight survivors can easily detect Resident Evil’s Wesker: the red laser eyes of Albert Wesker from Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight survivors should have no problem detecting the new DBD killer, Resident Evil’s Wesker, as the so-called Mastermind seems to have an enormous terror radius, bound to trigger the heartbeats and chase music in plenty of time to plot your escape in Behaviour’s multiplayer horror game.

As a reminder, the terror radius serves as a kind of early warning system for survivors in Dead by Daylight, triggering a steady heartbeat sound, as well as increasingly panicked layers of music as a killer grows nearer and nearer. The idea is to give players a chance to run, hide, or quickly scramble generator repairs before they get cornered, and also subtly force killers to plot their attacks more carefully, rather than just charging around. Most DBD killers, like Shape, Nurse, Hillbilly, and Wraith, have a base terror radius of 32 metres – any survivor within that radius will start to get early notice that somebody is after them. Wesker, however, seems a little more heavy footed, and will supposedly give his presence away earlier than his murderous contemporaries.

As spotted during a stream by Dead by Daylight YouTuber notOtzdarva, and discussed over on the DBD forums, Wesker’s terror radius is a much bigger 40 metres, meaning the beating heart, and admittedly awesome chase music, will kick in a lot sooner, perhaps giving you a better chance of avoiding the shade-toting Resident Evil megavillain – or perhaps not.

See, Wesker’s powers include virulent bound, which allows him to lunge forward and surmount obstacles like open windows much more quickly than other killers. He also has a perk, superior anatomy, which means when a nearby survivor performs a fast vault, Wesker’s movement speed is temporarily increased by up to 40%. Early warning or not, Wesker is pretty fast, so even with the big terror radius, he’s likely to catch you if he spots you. Better find a volcano to throw him into, or better yet, see if you can coax a Tyrant into slicing him in half.

Another Dead by Daylight killer currently under the spotlight is Pyramid Head, whose design has been discussed by his original, Silent Hill creator. And with Wesker available now as part of patch 6.2.0, we’re interested to see where he will land on our list of Dead by Daylight killers ranked from best to worst. Of course, if you find him too tricky to outrun, despite the big terror radius, you could also take a break with something else from our best horror games list, or maybe try one of the PC’s best multiplayer games, like Fortnite and Destiny 2.