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A surprise Dead by Daylight roguelike just dropped, and it’s free

DBD’s Dwight, Claud, and Min shrink down into cute cartoon characters for surprisingly good, free, co-op roguelite adventure, What the Fog.

A close up of Feng Min as she is sucked into a gate in What the Fog.

There is perhaps no genre as consistent as the roguelike, with games like Hades, The Binding of Isaac, Cult of the Lamb, and more absolutely dominating gaming in recent years. As the Dead by Daylight universe continues to expand into new games, comic books, and even a movie, it seems developer Behaviour Interactive has had the good sense to get in on some roguelike action too with a free gift for the community – and it’s superb.

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What the Fog follows everyone’s favorite DBD survivor, Dwight Fairfield, as he’s sucked into a colorful cartoon world in this action roguelike game. Claudette Morel and Feng Min join him on his adventure, still based somewhat inside the Dead by Daylight universe but with a cast of new monsters to defeat. The premise is simple: in each of the rooms, collect Blood Points from defeated enemies and use them to power generators. Like a normal DBD match, power enough generators to open the gate – and get the fog out.

As a free gift to the community, What the Fog isn’t a particularly big game, and there are currently no plans to expand it in the future or bring it to consoles. That said, there are eight difficulties to try as you complete runs, and new monster variants are unlocked as you slay them. Each run itself consists of nine dungeons and three bosses, and you can try it alone or with a friend.

When playing in co-op, familiar DBD hooks also feature as you bring your friends back to life by unhooking them. While they’re dead, though, they can still help you with special abilities in the afterlife. Honestly, I’ve spent hours with this game already and not only is it heaps of fun, but the metal soundtrack also slaps. Its heavy drums keeping you going as you kill hundreds of Spikespitters, Dicers, and Bull Slugs.

Anyone with a Behaviour Interactive account can download What the Fog for free right now, and it takes seconds to sign up if you don’t already have one. Simply log in to your account and then follow the instructions to download.

If you’d rather not, you can still purchase the game on Steam for just $4.99. Free copies are limited to two million, but we reckon they should last a while.

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There’s a good few hours of gameplay in What the Fog, but once you’re done, you can always check out some of our other favorite free PC games right now. And, speaking of the DBD universe, check out the latest news on The Casting of Frank Stone release date and be among the first to hear about the upcoming PvE shooter Project T by signing up to its insider program.

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