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Dead by Daylight dev finally reveals new spinoff horror shooter

Project T is a new Dead by Daylight spinoff that'll expand the universe and give players the chance to get their guns and get blasting.

Dead by Daylight dev announces new spinoff horror shooter: Huge vine and wood figures stand in a very spooky swamp.

With eight years under its belt, Dead by Daylight is expanding in all sorts of unexpected ways. There’s the mysterious spinoff game called The Casting of Frank Stone, and a movie version has already been optioned, but it seems there’s even more in store for the horror game. We knew that there was a second spinoff lurking in the shadows, and we’ve finally caught a glimpse of what it looks like.

We don’t know much about what Behaviour Interactive is cooking up for Dead by Daylight‘s two spinoffs, but during the eighth anniversary stream we did get to take a peek at some concepts for what appears to be an upcoming co-op PvE FPS game, codenamed Project T.

This spinoff will still be related to Dead by Daylight, taking part in an area of the Entity’s Realm we have yet to explore. As a Trespasser stuck in this eerie dimension, you’ll explore the Backwater while taking on waves of foes as you fight to survive. Behaviour Interactive hasn’t said much more than that, but it has teased a few gameplay mechanics such as trucks, talismans, and of course weapons – it wouldn’t be much of a shooter without them.

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While Project T is supposed to be set in an unexplored area of the Entity’s Realm, the name does imply that it may be related to the existing Backwater Swamp. Some concept art adds to this potential link, showing vast figures woven out of vines and trees, reminiscent of the Hag from the base game.

If you’d like to get more information on Project T, Behaviour Interactive used this teaser to launch its new Insider Program. This new initiative aims to give fans more details about upcoming projects, offer playtest opportunities, and be a way to give feedback. You can sign up for the Insider Program here and add Project T to your Steam wishlist over here.

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