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Get the best roguelike game and all its DLC cheap in this Steam sale

Dead Cells, the beloved roguelike Metroidvania, and all its incredible DLC including Return to Castlevania, are in a Steam sale briefly.

Dead Cells quickly became a pillar of the roguelike Metroidvania (wow that’s a mouthful) genre when it was released back in 2018. Since the game’s launch, developer Motion Twin has been hard at work pumping out content releases to give players just that much more content to chew on, including four different DLC expansions. Now, the core game, plus all of its beefy DLC, is on a huge sale on Steam, making it one of the more tantalizing sales of the year thus far.

No game gets your hands sweaty quite like Dead Cells does. The best roguelike games as a whole have the ability to keep you as stressed as ever as you fight with every last drop of health to get deeper into a run than you had on a previous attempt, but Dead Cells has set itself apart of the rest as a genre-defining classic.

Dead Cells’ fandom has been kept alive by two major factors: the game has an unbelievably deep combat system that requires extended exposure to master, and a hefty amount of post-launch content releases. The most popular DLC developer Motion Twin has dropped is Return to Castlevania, which launched back in March 2023.

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The expansion introduced a ton of content for long-time Castlevania fans out there including Dracula’s Castle, three boss fights, 14 weapons, 20 outfits, an alternate soundtrack, and Richter mode, which allows players to play as Richter Belmont. To celebrate the DLC’s one-year anniversary, the developers have announced that the game, and all of its individual downloadable content, are on sale for a brief period of time creating the perfect window of opportunity to jump into the game for newcomers.

Dead Cells is on sale on Steam until Thursday March 7 for 50% off at $12.49 / £9.87. If you’re looking to buy Dead Cells along with all of the expansion content, there’s a Dead Cells: Medley of Pain bundle that’s 53% off for $23.55 / £18.61.

Additionally, if you own the base game and are just looking to pick up Return to Castlevania by itself, the DLC is on 20% sale for $7.99 / £6.31.

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