Dead in Vinland is The Banner Saga meets Darkest Dungeon, and it’s out now

Dead in Vinland

Dead in Vinland, a survival management game crossed with a 3v3 tactical fighter, all starring an exiled Viking family, is available now.

Dead in Vinland is a challenger to The Banner Saga’s bleak Norse crown.

The game, which is something of a cross between the aesthetics and theme of The Banner Saga and the survival mechanics of Gods Will Be Watching, focuses on Erik and his family. Exiled from their village, the family are shipwrecked on a mysterious island and you’ll have to help them survive, managing their physical needs as well as their mental well-being.

But the game isn’t just about keeping your new settlers alive – Dead in Vinland lets you build a community of up to 14 different characters. You can play to their strengths if you need them, or, if they get on your nerves, exile them from your camp. On top of that, as well as the survival elements, developers CCCP Games say the game boasts a full RPG system, and features fast-paced 3v3 combat against the minions of local tyrant Bjorn Headcleaver.

The island itself isn’t just a place for your characters to live, but to explore. Outside of your camp there are dozens of hand-painted locations to explore, letting you uncover the secrets of your new home.

You can check out Dead in Vinland’s new launch trailer above, or head over to its Steam page here.